• 3-pin adapter set CEE 16A multiple domestic plugs

Adapter set with the most important adapters. All adapters are equipped with the go-eCharger adapter recognition.

Adapter set for all charging stations with 32A CEE three-phase current connection. Allows connection of the go-eCharger mobile to 16A CEE three-phase (red), 16A CEE single-phase (blue / camping plug) and household sockets. The integrated adapter recognition in combination with the go-eCharger mobile ensures automatic reduction of the charging current to 16A. 
Not all multiple domestic plugs (grounding plug, T23,...) sockets are suitable for a continuous load of 16A. In case of doubt, charge with 10A.

CEE 16A 3 phases (red)
Length: 30cm 

CEE 16A 1 phase (blue)
Length: 30cm 

multiple domestic plugs (grounding plug, T23,...) plug 1 phase
Length: 120cm 

Shipping time: 2 - 5 workdays

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3-pin adapter set CEE 16A multiple domestic plugs

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  • Product Code: 3-pin adapter set CEE 16A multiple domestic plugs
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