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Curious about choosing a charger for your own EV? Or just need a little help before making a right choice?

Press here to find some useful information about choosing a charging point.

Upgraded your vehicle or just bought the second EV and now your old Type 1 charging point is not compatible with it anymore?

Not a problem! We have EV Charging Solution for you! Don't throw away your old charging point. You still got two options.

Option 1: Upgrade the cable. Most Type 1 charging points are compatible with Type 2 standards***. The only rule: cable rated current must be same or higher than charging point maximum rated current. But this option might be not very suitable for most of users as this involves charging point modifications and not all people feel confident doing this. If you feel confident in doing this, please click on the link bellow where you will find 32A prewired Type 2 plug with 5 meter cable. If not, check for Option 2.
Type 2 plug tethered cable, single phase, 7.4 kw, 5 meter

Option 2: Fastest and easiest solution!!! Just use adapter. You can get Type 1 to Type 2 "plug and play" adapter and use it straight away without any modifications to your vehicle or charging equipment. And the best thing, if you got two electric or hybrid vehicles with different charging connectors you still can charge them both on the same charging point by using this adapter. To get it just click on the link bellow:
Type 1 to Type 2 EV / PHEV charging cable adapter, 32A

*** Tesla made vehicles won't charge on the charging points that lacks "diode check" safety feature.
If you need technical advice about upgrading your old charging point, please feel free to contact us.

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Manufacturers: Duosida, Enel-x, Bessen, JuiceBox, Go-e, Viridian, OpenEVSE. EV Charging cables - type 1, type 2.

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